Webinars and Live Stream YouTube Videos Coming Soon

We usually do live-streaming videos every Friday, but we will be skipping Friday, June 9 and Friday, June 16, this month. Instead, we will be posting YouTube shorts daily for two weeks.

Below is a countdown clock for our next live-stream YouTube video and the schedule for the new live webinars we are hosting. Our next YouTube Live-streaming video will be Friday @ 12:30 pm EDT (June 23, 2023). On June 23, 2023, the live-streaming video topic will be “What’s the difference between FDA human factors requirements and IEC 62366?”

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We are live-streaming on Friday afternoon: June 23, 2023, @ 12:30 pm EDT:

  • The FDA recognizes IEC 62366. Why isn’t that enough for a submission?
  • Is the difference between “human factors” vs “usability engineering?”
  • Why don’t submission deficiencies match the FDA’s current 2016 guidance?
  • Why does the FDA seem to be using the 2022 draft guidance already?
  • Why can’t we use data collected from outside the USA?

Please join us during our weekly YouTube live-streaming session on Friday, June 23, 2023, to learn more about the current FDA requirements for human factors testing.

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demand Webinars and Live Stream YouTube Videos Coming Soon

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