Is Your Medical Device Startup Missing Out on the R&D Tax Credit?

In this tax credit webinar, we’ll explain the R&D tax credit and how medical device startups can use it to offset payroll taxes up to $250k per year.
What is the RandD Tax Credit Is Your Medical Device Startup Missing Out on the R&D Tax Credit?

Small business discounts aren’t the only reason to file your taxes

Each year medical device start-ups tell me that they did not file taxes, because they had no profits and did not need to. Unfortunately, you are throwing away $8,695 for each 510(k) submission if you have not filed taxes. The reason is that you are not eligible for small business qualification unless you have filed taxes. Each year on August 1, you should be applying for small business qualification with FDA in order to take advantage of this discount. However, there is an even bigger reason US companies should be filing your taxes–even if you had a loss.

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PATH ACT Grants R&D Tax Credit

Since the PATH ACT of 2015, the US federal R&D tax credit is an immediate source of cash for medical device businesses. Medical device startups often miss out on this incentive, despite their significant investments in qualified innovation. Before you file your tax return, make sure you’re not missing out on the R&D credit.

When is the R&D tax credit webinar?

The R&D tax credit webinar was recorded on March 12, 2020 @ 11:00 EDT. When you register for the free webinar, we will give you access to a quick calculator for a customized estimate. You will learn more about how this meaningful incentive can help fuel your device product development and business growth.

About Your Instructor

Essie Pacetta has a passion for people and is especially inspired by entrepreneurs and their zeal for positive change. With Clarus R+D, she’s feeding her passion by studying innovative businesses to help fund their growth and increase their impact. Essie’s sales and partnership experience range from medical devices to professional services and software startups. She believes deeply in creating meaningful value for companies through the R&D tax credit.

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