Medical Device 510k submissions, quality systems and training

Are you a start-up device company that needs help preparing a medical device 510k submission, quality system, and training?

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Medical device 510k submissions, quality systems, and training

We are a small consulting firm providing medical device companies with regulatory and quality system services and training. We have 8 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee. We specialize in medical device 510k submissions. We even wrote a 510k book, “How to prepare your 510k in 100 days,” because 100 days is how long your testing will take. It is only available as part of our 510k course series, and you can find all the details on our 510k course webpage.

Buy the 510(k) course series for $995

510k eSTAR Course 2022 Medical Device 510k submissions, quality systems and training
510(k) Course Webinar Series

This is a 510(k) course series consisting of 36 webinars, an ebook, and electronic templates for your next 510(k) submission. We recently added a full set of templates for a 510(k) pre-submission request as well. We will also be updating these webinars and templates for the new FDA eSTAR templates between April and August of 2022 (use the discount code “Twenty” to get $995 price).

Price: $1,243.75

We are affordable because we know you start-ups have “one egg and one basket.” We are casual. We like taking risks. We are irreverent. We make mistakes, but we learn from them. We want our work to be fascinating. We teach the most boring topic on planet earth, but we refuse to be boring. We want to be remarkable, memorable, and fun to work with. Our team is located in New Jersey, Tennessee, Kansas, and Vermont. We all work 100% remotely, and we always have.

FDA small business qualification for FDA submissions

The FDA user fees for medical device 510k submissions, 513(g) submissions, and De Novo Classification Requests are all discounted for qualified small businesses. In order to qualify, you must submit a qualification form (FDA Form 3602 or 3602A) each new fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). We recommend that every company submit on August 1 for the next fiscal year–even if they are not sure if they will submit. This advice alone will save your firm thousands of dollars. Below is a table listing all of the FDA user fees for submissions–both standard and small business fees.

FY 2022 FDA User Fees for the 510k cost Medical Device 510k submissions, quality systems and training

Who is Medical Device Academy, and who is our ideal consulting client?

We are a full-service, quality system, and regulatory consulting firm for medical device companies. The name “academy” emphasizes our love for training. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs get their first product to market–regardless of whether that is a medical device 510k clearance or a De Novo Classification Request. Ideally, you are located in another country, and you need help in understanding the requirements of the US FDA. The best time for you to contact us is at the early stages when you have a proof-of-concept prototype, but you’re not sure what to do next. You also might be under-capitalized, and you need advice on how much to budget and how to use your limited funding most efficiently.

How long does it take to obtain a medical device 510k clearance?

We could tell you what you want to hear, but the truth is you can only estimate the time to obtain medical device 510k clearance by analyzing the data from recent, previous submissions for the same product classification. Even classification is different, and the average ranges from less than 90 days to almost 180 days. Overall, the average is 125 days. We can explain the options for abbreviated 510(k) submissions and third-party reviewers, but in general, the biggest delays are caused by the need to repeat testing because clients skipped a pre-submission meeting. The image below shows you what our firm’s personal experience is for review timelines:

Average 510k Review Timeline Medical Device 510k submissions, quality systems and training

What do we charge for preparing a medical device 510k submission?

We charge $17,500 for preparing a medical device 510k submission. This pricing does not include pre-submission meetings or the FDA user fees for FY 2022. A table with user fees is found below as well. A button for downloading our standard pricing sheet for all services is provided below.

Download Button 300x93 Medical Device 510k submissions, quality systems and training

FDA eCopy print and ship services for FDA submissions

FDA eCopies are also available as a separate service that we offer to other consultants and clients alike for their medical device 510k submission. At one time we charged a per-page printing fee and a flat fee for validating and shipping your eCopy. However, in 2018 the FDA changed its eCopy policy. Now, only a cover letter must be printed, rather than the entire submission. Therefore, we now charge a flat fee of $99/eCopy for everyone. If you want our help reviewing your submission, or correcting problems with the creation of an eCopy, we charge hourly consulting fees to help you get your submission received and accepted by the FDA. We frequently ship two or more eCopies on the same day, and there are six consultants on our team that can validate and ship your eCopy–even if we didn’t prepare the submission. If you want us to complete an NDA, please don’t hesitate to send your NDA to me at The business is an Indiana Corporation with a principal office address located at Medical  Device Academy, Inc. 345 Lincoln Hill Rd., Shrewsbury, VT 05738 USA. I can also send you a free template for your eCopy cover letter if you need one. To learn more about this service, please visit one of the following eCopy pages on our website:

Turn-key quality system implementation

We have been writing procedures since 2003, and Rob Packard was the certification auditor for more than 100 different device companies. We have a complete set of procedures for compliance with US, European, and Canadian device regulations. If you are a start-up, we can provide you with a complete set of procedures for your quality system as quickly as you can approve them. We also provide training webinars for all of the key elements of your quality system. Most important of all, we provide weekly, 30-minute calls to answer your questions and to make sure your quality system implementation is proceeding smoothly. We also offer to record these sessions so you can have customized training that addresses your specific needs. All of this is done in parallel with preparing your medical device 510k submission. Our fee for the turn-key quality system is $7,500, but approximately $1,500 of that fee covers 16 weekly calls during the quality system implementation. You can also purchase our procedures individually if you already have a quality system.

Is our pricing all-inclusive?

No. Pricing is intended to cover our consulting time. Regulatory submissions typically have a fee, ISO certification has fees and our pricing does not include certain consulting, such as internal audits, supplier audits, or helping you conduct design reviews. To download our standard pricing and services information sheet, click on the download button at the top of the page above.

Medical device product classifications and regulatory pathways

The FDA regulatory pathway, and other regulatory pathways, are dependent upon the classification of the device. We offer a flat-fee, regulatory pathway analysis: $750 for the USA, $500 for Europe, and $250 for Canada. We also help you determine the testing requirements, identify potential predicates, and explain the quality system requirements for your type of device. This is typically included with our medical device 510k presubmissions and De Novo Requests, but if you chose this service, we will give you a credit in a subsequent 510k or De Novo Request.

FDA substantial equivalence (SE) decision process

The process flow diagram in the video above may seem simple, but how you interpret each question can change the answer significantly. Sometimes just a few words, or a single design feature, can change the FDA reviewer’s decision when evaluating substantial equivalence. Many of these differences with regard to interpretation become evident during the pre-submission meeting with the FDA. Following the wrong path will result in significant delays at best, but many clients discover that clinical testing and/or a De Novo Request is required due to the changes in technological characteristics or due to a slight change in the indications for use.

Developing a verification and validation (V&V) testing plan

Having the right verification and validation testing plan is critical to timely FDA 510k clearance and approval of De Novo Requests. That’s why we prepare draft testing plans for clients, and then we ask the FDA for feedback on the testing plan during a pre-submission meeting. We use guidance documents, competitor submissions, and our own experience with similar devices. However, we often learn something new from the FDA in every pre-submission meeting, because the requirements are constantly changing.

Medical device 510k project management

Most people see meetings as a waste of time, but we try to conduct efficient, weekly, 30-minute meetings with clients. The purpose is to answer their questions, give them an update on the project status, and make sure there are no surprises that could delay the project’s completion. Typically, we are waiting for the final testing reports, such as 1) the sterilization validation report, 2) the sensitization testing report, or 3) the electrical safety testing report. For every project, we use the table of contents as a color-coded planning tool to track the status of every single document needed for your submission.

What do our quality and regulatory consultants do?

Most of our work is preparing regulatory submissions, but 20% of our work involves helping you implement your quality system. We can help you with your medical device regulatory submissions. We specialize in medical device 510k submissions, preparation of CE Marking Technical Files, and Canadian device license submissions. We also created a new business unit that specializes in preparing, printing, validating, and shipping FDA eCopies for pre-submissions, 510k submissions and De Novo requests. Most of our clients are small and mid-size medical device companies that need continuing education training, and quality System Auditing for compliance. Clients that have urgent needs where time to market is critical, turn to us. Our passion is teaching medical device professionals how to prepare for future regulations and self-monitor compliance so that they can avoid compliance remediation. Click on the download button for a description of our consulting services and our standard pricing sheet.

How are we different from other quality and regulatory consultants?

Most consultants work by the hour, while our firm has flat-fee pricing. We can do this because we specialize in a narrow niche–primarily medical device 510k submissions and De Novo requests. We also differ from independent consultants and law firms, because we have actually designed and built medical devices; Rob Packard was CEO of his own medical device start-up.

Contacting our consulting team

Typically, clients schedule calls using our calendly app. Rob typically starts his day with calls to European clients and Western Asia around 6 am and calls with the West Coast often extend past 6 pm. If you need a time that is earlier or later, please just send us an email. Our Skype and Google Voice numbers are provided in the above video as well.