Privacy Policy for compliance with EU GDPR

This page defines Medical Device Academy’s privacy policy and provides contact information for the owner of the company if you have any questions or complaints.

GDPR Privacy Policy 300x288 Privacy Policy for compliance with EU GDPR

Scope of Privacy Policy

The scope of this document is to define the privacy policy for Medical Device Academy, Inc. This privacy policy informs users of how information may be collected, stored, and used–and by whom the information will be used.

Introduction to Medical Device Academy, Inc.

Medical Device Academy, Inc. is a quality and regulatory consulting firm that operates primarily remotely with consulting clients around the world. The company is an Indiana S-Corporation with primary offices in the state of Vermont. Below is our primary contact information.

Address: 345 Lincoln Hill Road, Shrewsbury VT 05738 USA

Tel: +1.802.281.4381

Or you may contact Robert Packard, the President, and Sole Owner, directly at Additional contact information is provided on our Contact Us page.

Medical Device Academy, Inc. collects information in three ways.

Information that Users Provide Directly to Us

Medical Device Academy, Inc. may request certain information for identification and communication purposes. This may include usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Examples of these would be providing contact information to register for a newsletter or creating an avatar to use the forums of our website.  

Information Provided Publicly

Contact and identification information may be accessed through third parties such as social media. Medical Device Academy, Inc. does not collect or re-distribute this information. However, be advised that information posted to social media may be accessible to other parties. For example, any information posted to our website forum or Facebook page contains information that the user has made available publicly to other users. Medical Device Academy, Inc. cautions users to be aware of what information they make publicly viewable to all. We may not re-distribute this information but we are not responsible for the actions of others. If you do not wish your information such as phone numbers or email addresses please do not post them publicly on our open forums or social media pages where they may be viewed by others.

Information Collected by Third-Parties

Medical Device Academy, Inc. uses third-party software and applications that may collect user data. For example, our website is powered by WordPress–which may use/store cookies. Medical Device Academy, Inc. uses AWeber to collect contact information for the distribution of newsletters and other communications. We use Google Analytics to track and trend visitor statistics. In these cases, information is collected and used in accordance with the privacy policies of the third party that collects the information.

Information Sharing

Except where required by law Medical Device Academy, Inc. does not share, rent, or sell provided information.

How Your Information is Protected

Medical Device Academy, Inc. takes privacy seriously and takes reasonable safeguards to keep information safe. Medical Device Academy, Inc. may use password protection, and opt in/out options for email communications so that information may be exchanged with consent. Medical Device Academy, Inc. uses an SSL for data encryption and any payment transactions conducted through our website are done so through WooCommerce.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

Below is a list of third parties that may or may not collect data and information. A hyperlink is provided to the privacy policy for the privacy policy of each company. This list may not be all-inclusive.

Last Updated: August 2, 2023

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