Control of Records Procedure (SYS-002)

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The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that records and data within your quality management system are controlled in such a way that they remain legible, readily identifiable and retrievable for at least as long as is required by regulatory requirements and your business needs. The version of the procedure that is displayed in the video above has actually been updated. We now include color-coded cross-references to the specific clauses in the ISO 13485:2016 standard and Regulation (EU) 2017/745. This is to help auditors quickly find where the applicable requirements are in the procedure.

This procedure is updated for ISO 13485:2016, and the following is a list of documents included:

  • SYS-002 A, Control of Records Procedure
  • FRM-003 A, Record Destruction Form

We are also including a training webinar explaining the Good Documentation Practices (GDP-101), the native presentation slide deck, and we provide an exam (i.e., 10-question quiz) to verify training effectiveness. If you submit the completed exam to us by email in the native MS Word format, we will correct the exam and email you a training certificate with your corrected exam.

Control of Records Procedure Control of Records Procedure (SYS 002)
SYS-002 Control of Records Procedure, Webinar and Exam Bundle

SYS-002, Control of Records Procedure Bundle; This training includes our procedure for Control of Records, and form for documenting destruction of records. You will also receive a link to download our slide deck and webinar recording on good documentation practices. We also provide a 10 question quiz on good documentation practices and a training certificate when you complete the quiz and submit it to Medical Device Academy for grading.

Price: $299.00

Updates to this procedure for ISO 13485:2016 and Regulation (EU) 2017/745 include the following:

  • Record retention requirement of 10 years for new EU Medical Device Regulation in Article 10(8)
  • Identified where content of medical device files are defined
  • Added new requirement related to protection of confidential health information (i.e., HIPPA and GDPR)
  • Added new requirement related to deterioration and loss of documents.

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