Training Procedure (SYS-004)

Training procedure includes SYS-004, procedure; FRM-002, training record; FRM-026, training matrix; and FRM-046, new employee checklist.

The video below shows you exactly what you will receive when you purchase Medical Device Academy’s Training Procedure (SYS-004). The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that you understand what is included in the purchase of the procedure, how to complete the training matrix, and how to complete the training record. We also suggest how you might customize the various documents included in the package. The procedure is written for compliance with ISO 13485:2016.

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What is the purpose of the Training Procedure?

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that personnel performing work that may affect product quality or other functions essential to the business are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills, and experience. 

This procedure covers staff who undertake activities that may have an impact on the quality or safety of products. It covers the assessment of competency when staff is recruited, training of staff according to quality management system documentation, and the planning and recording of more general training.

Training and Competency Training Procedure (SYS 004)
SYS-004, Training and Competency Procedure/Form
Price: $299.00

Training Procedure (SYS-004) Contents

The following documents are included with this purchase. This procedure has been updated to the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 and simplified for easier implementation by start-up companies. These documents also include the requirement for the new European Regulations Reg. (EU) 2017/745. The following is a list of documents included:

  • SYS-004 A, Training and Competence Procedure (D4)
  • FRM-002 A, Training Record (D3)
  • FRM-026 A, Training Matrix (D7)
  • FRM-046 A, New Employee Checklist (D1)

Description of FRM-002 – Training Record

Record of training for a group of people or an individual, often associated with the release of a version of a document or group of related QMS documents but also used for other purposes. Supporting material, e.g. the course outline for external training may be attached to the form as part of the record, or competency assessment records specific to the training, e.g. quiz results…

Documenting Training Requirements

The FDA also requires that there are documented training requirements. Therefore, the procedure identifies the need to create a job description that includes training and competency requirements. The procedure does not, however, require that the job descriptions be maintained as controlled documents. If your company has multiple people with the same job function (e.g., customer service), then it might make sense to have a controlled document that is a job description for customer service. A company with four employees does not need controlled documents, and instead, a unique record for each employee makes more sense.

Updating Training Procedure to Explain How to Complete Forms?

The procedure still references a training record for documenting training, but now there is also a reference to a training matrix to help document training requirements for each employee. Instead of providing detailed training instructions on how to complete the training record (FRM-002) or the training matrix (FRM-026), instead, we provided a video above that explains how to fill in the forms. This makes it easier to review the procedure for regulatory compliance and puts the details on how to complete forms in the training curriculum where it belongs.

Electronic Delivery of the Training Procedure

This product will be delivered to the email address provided in the shopping cart transaction. After the transaction is verified, please check your email for a subscription confirmation email. If you do not confirm your subscription you will not receive the three documents or any future updates. Future updates to the procedure or forms are at no charge to subscribers.

Training and Competency Training Procedure (SYS 004)

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