Quality Audits Procedure

Quality Audits Quality Audits ProcedureQuality Auditing Procedure

Purpose – The purpose of this (6)-page procedure is to:

  • determine whether your company’s quality management system is in compliance with customer, regulatory and company requirements, and is effectively implemented and maintained;
  • seek within the quality management system opportunities for improvement;
  • ensure that timely action is taken to eliminate nonconformities detected in any audit of your company’s quality management system, and to eliminate their causes.

Scope – This procedure covers:

  • the internal audit program;
  • managing the findings of external audits of your company’s quality management system, including customer, regulatory and certification audits.

This procedure is not applicable to your company’s audits of suppliers, which are covered by SYS-011 Supplier Quality Management Procedure.

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Quality Audits Quality Audits Procedure
Quality Audits Procedure
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