Factory-CRO Webinar: Clinical Study Requirements by Niels van Tienen

Niels van Tienen is presented a free Factory-CRO webinar on the topic of medical device clinical study requirements for 510k submissions on August 9, 2017.

Factory Logo Factory CRO Webinar: Clinical Study Requirements by Niels van Tienen

When is the Factory-CRO webinar?
This Factory-CRO webinar was presented live by Niels van Tienen on Wednesday, August 9, 2017. You can download the webinar recording free as long as you ask Niels a question. As new questions are submitted, we will create blogs to answer your questions and add the questions to our 510k FAQs page.

Contents of Factory-CRO webinar

Registrants will receive a confirmation email, and a link to download the recording of the webinar and the native slide deck. Additional questions can be asked at any time by sending me an email or scheduling a call on my contact us page.

About Your Factory-CRO Webinar Instructor

Niels van Tienen 214x300 Factory CRO Webinar: Clinical Study Requirements by Niels van Tienen

Niels is Director of Education and Training for Factory-CRO in the Netherlands. Factory-CRO’s clinical team organizes and supervises clinical investigations in Europe and the US, including a variety of medical writing activities for medical devices companies. Factory-CRO provides regulatory, clinical trial and clinical evaluation services. Niels is responsible for managing clinical study projects for medical device and IVD clients, and he has a Health Science Masters Degree from Maastricht University. He will be a guest speaker at the Amsterdam 510(k) workshop sharing his Clinical Study Testing (Section 20) expertise. You can also click on the Factory logo in order to view an information sheet about his company.

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