Canadian Licensing Procedure (SYS-042)

The video provided below shows you exactly what you will receive when you purchase our Canadian Licensing procedure (SYS-042).

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The Canadian Licensing procedure defines requirements for submitting and maintaining Canadian Medical Device Distribution Licenses in accordance with the Canadian Medical Device Regulations. This is the primary document meeting the applicable regulatory requirements for Canadian Licensing. The following documents are included with your purchase:

  • SYS-042 A, Canadian Licencing Procedure
  • Canadian License Cover Letter

In addition to the two documents, Mary Vater also recorded a webinar on Canadian Licensing. The webinar is included in this procedure bundle at no additional cost.

Canadian Licensing Procedure Canadian Licensing Procedure (SYS 042)
SYS-042 - Canadian Licensing Procedure, Cover Letter and Webinar Bundle
SYS-042, Canadian Licensing Procedure; Included with this procedure is a cover letter template for a licensing application. You will also receive a link to download our slide deck and webinar recording on Canadian Device Licensing recorded by Mary Vater.
Price: $299.00

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