510k Book - "How to Prepare Your 510k in 100 days"

This 510k book explains how to prepare your 510k in 100 days and you receive access to a dropbox folder with all of my templates for a 510k submission immediately.

Book Cover Mock up ver 2 217x300 510k Book   How to Prepare Your 510k in 100 daysWhen 510k book ships

This book is no longer available as a stand-alone product. You must purchase the 510(k) on-line course series in order to obtain this book or you must attend a live 510k workshop–which I do not have scheduled at this time (last one was San Francisco in March 2017).

What you get with the 510k book

Each copy of the 510k book will ship with a red pen so you can make edits and a flash drive for your next eCopy. The flash drive will have all of my 510k templates on it and the file structure I use for my eCopy submissions, but you will also receive immediate access to a dropbox folder with these same templates the day you purchase the book. I recently added a full set of templates for a 510(k) pre-submission request as well.

How I wrote “How to Prepare Your 510k in 100 Days”

I wrote the 510k book by using a technique used by another company called Book in a Box. I recorded 24 webinars and then the webinars were transcribed. Then transcriptions were edited by several content editors. I made the final edits to the book chapters. The final electronic version of the book was then printed using an on-demand printing company.


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