Purchasing Procedure/Form

Purchasing Purchasing Procedure/Form

          This procedure package includes two documents

1. Purchasing Procedure 

Purpose – The purpose of this (5)-page procedure is to ensure that goods and services purchased by your company meet requirements and specifications, and that their purchase is controlled to an extent that is commensurate with the risk that they present to your company’s products or quality management system.

Scope – This procedure covers the purchase for goods and services which form part of your company’s product, its potential impact on its quality or safety, or potential impact on the Quality Management System (QMS).

For purchases from vendors or suppliers providing goods or services which have no impact on the QMS, or on the quality of product, (e.g. office supplies or legal advice), it is not necessary to follow this procedure… 

2. Inward Goods Receipt Log form 

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Purchasing Purchasing Procedure/Form
Purchasing Procedure/Form
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