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Medical Device Academy presents 2 Medical Device Quality Videos, “How Medical Device Academy Trains Clients” and “Best Practices in Medical Device Auditing.” 

How Medical Device Academy Trains Clients video provides the answer to the question about what information/documents/tools will clients receive when they purchase a Medical Device Academy webinar. This video also reviews Rob Packard’s 6 training advice points for effective personnel training. 

Best Practices in Medical Device Auditing

Rob Packard of Medical Device Academy reviews 7 steps for utilizing turtle diagrams to conduct an effective process audit, as opposed to using an audit checklist.

He also reviews how to plan your audits to your process, not your calendar, through utilizing adjacent link auditing. He provides an example of a real-life supplier audit he participated in. 

Industry consultant Brigid Glass reviews conducting a strategic approach to planning your audit program. She advocates beginning with the end in mind. 

She reviews how to clarify your outcome through the three areas below, including:

  1. The big picture
  2. Audit criteria
  3. Soft Factors

She provides detail through key questions in each of these areas.


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