Live 510k Workshops - Starting March 8, 2017 in San Francisco

This is an announcement for our live 510k workshops–beginning in San Francisco on March 8, 2017.

medical device conference 24 1024x490 Live 510k Workshops   Starting March 8, 2017 in San Francisco

510k Workshop at 10x Medical Device Conference in 2015

What is the most valuable thing you learn at Live 510k workshops?

Public workshops offer value that a webinar can’t. First, getting out of the office allows you to concentrate on learning. Putting your cell phone on vibrate and concentrating on learning is a hard to do at work, and you need to focus on learning because a successful 510k submission is important.

I treasure each precious moment I spend learning–especially when I’m able to avoid my daily routine and focus on nothing else. However, my favorite part of a public courses is listening to the answers for each question posed by other people in attendance. I could never think of so many great questions on my own.

Finally, the most valuable reason for attending a live, public workshop is you make friends with 30 other people that are working on their own 510k submissions this year. Comparing notes with each other is a fantastic way to continue learning about 510k submissions months after you take the workshop. I like to think of classmates as 30 independent consultants that you can call anytime for some free advice.

Why can’t you prepare a 510k in 50 days instead of 100 days?

Actually, you can. It took me more than six months of 14-hour days to learn how to prepare my first 510k submission, but you can learn how to prepare your 510k faster and without the frustration. In fact, with the right templates you could prepare a 510k in about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the testing required for a 510k submission takes a bit longer–typically 14 weeks. If you plan your 510k project carefully, you should be able to submit your 510k eCopy to the FDA immediately after finishing your last validation report.

During this live workshop you will learn how and leave with your own personalized project plan for your next 510k submission. If you are interested in registering for a one-day, live 510k workshop, click on the picture of a city near you. The cost is $774.

%name Live 510k Workshops   Starting March 8, 2017 in San Francisco

San Francisco March 8

%name Live 510k Workshops   Starting March 8, 2017 in San Francisco

Chicago April 18







After January 31, you can ONLY get the 510k book by attending one of the live 510k workshops or by purchasing the on-line 510k course.


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