Career: Would you like a career with Medical Device Academy?

Who Book Cover Career: Would you like a career with Medical Device Academy?Who is going to do all this work on 510k submissions, and would you like a career as a full-time consultant preparing 510k submissions?

How to Apply for Consulting Career

If you have experience preparing and submitting 510k submissions, and you have experience working remotely, I am looking to hire a full-time consultant to start their new career with my firm as a full-time employee. Please email me your resume and include a cover letter that explains how you will be able to thrill and delight my consulting clients with their next 510k submission. Be sure to specify how many 510k submissions you have done since 2012, because I will be asking for details during the phone screening. I will respond to your email personally. There is a 4-step process for interviewing you in this new consulting career:

  1. Phone screening
  2. In-depth interview about work experience
  3. “Peer” interviews
  4. Reference interviews

What You will be Doing in This Career

I write proposals, plan consulting projects and kick-off the projects with clients. However, I have so many projects currently in progress I need to hire a full-time person instead of using part-time consultants to assist me. I need someone that can jump in and take over a 510k project on the first day. I need you to conduct a conference call with each client once per week in order to provide a status update and discuss action items. I have a ridiculously simple system in place for you to communicate progress with clients. I can even demonstrate this process during the interview process. I need you to write summary documents and prepare the 510k as clients provide testing reports, software documentation, etc. I need you to provide suggestions for how we can improve the service to our clients and improve the quality of our 510k submissions. Your work will be steady, your work will be rewarding and clients will love working with you.

How You Will be Compensated in this Career

This is a salaried position with benefits. You will receive a brand new laptop–which you can keep. You will receive remote continuing education every week. You will have the opportunity to share in the ownership of my company after your first year. You will receive 25 paid days off each year–starting on your first day. You will receive a bonus for each 510k that is issued. You will be rewarded for thrilling clients.

What You Will Not Be Doing in this Career

You will not be required to do any travel. You will not need to print and ship 510k submissions. You will not need to work 9-5. You will not need to work 60-hour weeks. You will not need to worry about the typical “Boom and Bust” cycles that most consultants experience.


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